Area Activities

In Chitina:

  • Chitina Ranger Station – for history buffs. Located in the old Edward S. Orr stagecoach building, an historical landmark.  There are also maps of trails for hiking and general info about Wrangell-St. Elias Park and Preserve.
  • Spirit Mountain Art Works – an art gallery full of originals hung in a national historical building right next to the hotel!
  • The Emporium – a tea house, herb shop, hand-made baskets, and other items in an old rustic building setting.  (It was originally O.A Nelson’s drug store.)
  • Uncle Tom’s Tavern, Inc. – spirits (the drinking kind) and antiques
  • Chitina One Stop – get your gas and fishing info here

From Chitina:

  • Drive or take a tour van to Kennicott and McCarthy stopping at the spectacular Kuskulana Bridge and the Gilahina Trestle with Wrangell St. Elias Tours or Kennicott Shuttle.
  • Fly from the Chitina airport via small plane sightseeing through Wrangell-St. Elias National Park or to a glacier trek with Wrangell Mountain Air.
  • Charter a boat for a ride on the Copper River.
  • Rent 4-wheelers with a guide for some “wheel” adventure.